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Divorce Tool Box founder Audrey Silcox is a counselor and divorce educator who has worked with divorcing couples since 1996. She graduated from Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama with a B. S. in psychology and a M. Ed. in counseling. She is a Certified Professional Coach as well as a Certified Divorce and Family Mediator with credentials from two states’ Supreme Courts.

Audrey has worked in private practice in mediation and counseling, and within the judicial system handling co-parenting and other issues affecting couples who face divorce.

Perhaps most importantly, Audrey Silcox has walked “in your shoes.” When faced with her own divorce years ago—before becoming a mediator—she found herself suddenly making major decisions with little information. This experience taught her the power of self-education about divorce and the types of decisions divorce requires, and the importance of learning to make those decisions under stress.

Audrey believes in the wisdom of assembling a “divorce team,” or surrounding yourself with wise counsel from multiple sources instead of relying on a single professional, no matter how qualified. She created Divorce Tool Box to be one of those excellent resources for information and to fill the gaps between mental health counseling and legal assistance. Remember: when the legal process is finalized, it will be you who must live with the specifics of your divorce decree or settlement agreement, not your legal professional. It’s up to you to be informed and clear about your needs.

During her career as a counselor, divorce and family mediator, professional coach, and divorce educator Audrey has helped many just like you who may be wondering where to start, how to spend money wisely in the costly divorce process, and how to make good decisions in a system that can be hard to understand. She has seen the damage that can occur in families who experience divorce and its life-altering consequences without the right tools. Divorce Tool Box is the solution.

"What Audrey Silcox has developed is unique to me as a counselor and I see it as an exceptional tool.  In talking about Divorce Tool Box, Audrey has 20 years of experience. She has seen what happens to families, what happens to couples without these tools to be able to make educated decisions for their life." - Mary Earnest, Licensed Professional Counselor

Audrey Silcox’s mission in creating Divorce Tool Box was to educate and empower individuals just like you by guiding them step by step through the divorce process to make sense of it all  and achieve the best results possible for themselves and their children, all from the comfort of their home or other familiar surroundings.

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"I've been associated with Audrey Silcox myself for many years. As a counselor, mediator, and divorced mom, she brings a tremendous wealth of experience. You can really tell when you look at Divorce Tool Box that it was created by someone who knew what they were talking about, someone who has looked at divorce from many different angles.”
- Larry Katz, PhD, Licensed Psychologist