DivorceToolbox Professionals
DivorceToolbox Professionals


Do you want to reduce your court’s docket while improving outcomes for divorcing families? Divorce Tool Box can help! You may find that your docket is filled with issues that could have been resolved outside the court system. But when parties are emotionally crippled and unable to clearly offer workable solutions, they look to you to decide even the simplest of matters, clogging the docket and slowing down the divorce process.

Divorce Tool Box is an educational platform that helps individuals to be emotionally prepared for the process, and equips them to play a positive role in deciding what the future should look like for their family. Our goal is improving outcomes for individuals, families and the court.

Here’s how Divorce Tool Box can benefit your court:

  • Mandating Divorce Tool Box Online Sessions may decrease your docket and future modifications:
    Many life changing decisions are required during the divorce process, and are often made without an understanding of the long-term ramifications. Our web-based educational video sessions and Divorce Planning Template help families with current and future planning, and enable them to make thoughtful decisions. Uninformed decisions often lead to unsatisfactory outcomes for parents and children, and lead everyone back to court for modifications which might have been avoided. 
  • Divorce Tool Box is the place to start before mediation or any other court ordered service:
    Mediators are often asked to assist couples who don’t understand the issues on the table, and haven’t adequately evaluated their personal and family needs. Divorce Tool Box guides the individual through preparation for the divorce process, helping the client prioritize items for the divorce proposal, develop feasible solutions for the family, and increase the chance of mediation success. If mediation isn’t the answer, Divorce Tool Box assists parties in partnering with their attorneys to expedite and streamline the process of litigation.

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