Preparing For Divorce in Lawrenceville, GA

Realizing that your marriage is failing and divorce may be unavoidable is not easy.  You've probably never been through this process before; you don't know where to turn for answers during this uncertain time and may be concerned as to how your life will look once you emerge on the other side.

Don’t worry, there is no need to go through this alone.  When preparing for divorce, Divorce Tool Box can arm you with step-by-step web-based videos so you learn how to begin, what to expect and make informed decisions for those living in Lawrenceville, Georgia. To learn more about what Divore Tool Box is please click here.

Preparing for Divorce

Divorce is not just one simple step rather it is a series or processes.  The complexity of any divorce depends greatly upon the unique circumstances surrounding it.  Divorce Tool Box offers advice, tips, and resources for those living in Lawrenceville, Georgia or the surrounding areas.

Divorce is not handled by the federal government, rather each state decides the statutes that make up the requirements for its citizens.  It is helpful to know what you will need from your divorce and search to find any applicable state statutes that pertains to you.  Example, if you have children and planning to move, what does your state statutes stipulate?  In addition to state statutes, there are many aspects to divorce that must be considered including type of divorce, property settlements, financial disclosures, custody/co-parenting, living arrangements, counseling, personal belongings, pets, and important documentation as well as finding the right Lawrenceville divorce attorney.

You may have heard horror stories from friends or family about how difficult divorce is, and most likely you have been offered divorce advice by them, but having the proper tools that Divorce Tool Box provides at your disposal can transform your experience.

Planning for Divorce

Realizing that many decisions and life altering changes are ahead can overwhelm people as they begin preparing for divorce.  The divorce process is difficult to understand but we guide you step-by-step through the process and help you to be prepared when ready to work with your attorney as a well prepared client having key goals in place.  Our goal is to keep stress to a minimum by making sure much of your paperwork is in order, anticipating and preparing for each new step, guiding you with difficult decisions, and creating effective strategies every step of the way.

Knowledge is key to our client’s success, and we have a wealth of experience for you to draw on.

When you are searching for divorce help in Lawrenceville, GA, look no further than our video series at Divorce Tool Box. You can begin using our web-based videos even before contacting an attorney to help you better succeed in going through divorce in a less stressful way. 

Once you purchase our online videos, you can watch the series on any device, at any time, wherever you are. The videos help you prepare in advance or even if you have already filed for divorce.  When attempting to reach a settlement, preparation is key when living in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

The Divorce Process

Before your first appointment with your lawyer and begin filing the necessary papers for the divorce process in Lawrenceville, GA, learn as much as possible about each step you will encounter. You will need to make key decisions that will impact the rest of your life.

Choosing what type of divorce, if alimony will be sought, if mediation is a mandatory requirement are all steps in the process that you may encounter but the most important step of all is procuring the best family law attorney for your needs.

Divorcing with or without Children

We offer two programs, as no two situations are alike. Whether you are divorcing with kids, or divorcing without kids, we have the help you need.  Both programs address many unique needs and guide you through many decisions as examples are provided and topics explored.

Learning to co-parent is particularly complex in a hostile environment.  We help you create communication plans for spouses and children, review custody options and how they might work within your family’s needs and above all how to work together to create lasting memories of good co-parenting efforts between both parents.   Learning to keep things amicable is the best advice for your family and to minimize the stress for everyone. 

We offer divorce advice for men as well as divorce advice for women.  Both men and woman facing divorce may feel as though the world has ended.  It is common for many to experience grief as the death of the marriage becomes imminent.  Our job is to help you to understand the grief cycle and how to move through the divorce process in a healthy manner.  We encourage you to create a support system as you begin preparing for divorce and throughout the divorce journey. 

During the marital relationship, household tasks are often divided between both spouses.  Often, women may have more responsibility for the children while the man may be more responsible for the household finances.  In cases like this, women may find themselves vulnerable when attempting to work on assets and liabilities as men may feel overwhelmed at the child responsibilities of solo parenting when devising plans for custody and time spent with the children. 

Do not find yourself entering the legal arena unprepared.  Learn to identify what you will need now and in your post-divorce life.  The decisions you make now will determine the quality of your post-divorce life.  Make sure as you’re planning for divorce that you plan beyond when the ink is dry on your divorce decree if living in Lawrenceville, Georgia.