A better informed and educated client is a client who is easier to serve. By collaborating with Divorce Tool Box to help divorcing clients make sense of the emotional and practical challenges they face, you can reduce the amount of time required to get to the heart of essential issues and provide exceptional service.

We understand the vast amount of time and effort required when working with divorcing clients. We value working with professionals whose clients would benefit from using our educational platform. By helping to educate your clients about the divorce process, you can help them gain a sense of control and direction, thus making your job easier.

Divorce Tool Box also helps you, the professional, by adding value to your practice. You can provide access to the educational online sessions for your clients in two ways:

  • Include the cost of the program in your initial professional fees.
    When you purchase for a client, we provide you with a coupon serial code that you give your client to use which enables him/her to use the program at no additional cost.
  • Ask the client to purchase the program independently.