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DivorceToolbox Professionals


Choose from 2 Divorce Tool Box Resources to Better Prepare Your Clients


1. What if you could boost the value of your practice …
by turning unprepared or confused clients facing divorce into more informed, prepared & receptive clients?

If you’re like most counselors and coaches who cover divorce, you spend too much time with overwhelmed clients. What if you had a simple tool that delivered more informed and receptive clients who are prepared and eager to work with you?

Divorce Tool Box does just that!

Clients contemplating or facing divorce come to you for emotional and psychological support. Divorce Tool Box Video Series supports you by informing your clients about what lies ahead and what to expect from your services.

A better-informed client is an easier client to serve!

This compassionate and comprehensive web-based VIDEO program helps your clients with support, structure and accountability!

Using the Divorce Tool Box your clients will:

  • Grasp how their personal life and family will be changed by divorce
  • Understand their role in the divorce process
  • Prepare for sessions with the details you need to serve them
  • Get the most value from your therapeutic services
  • Identify stressors and other emotional triggers and challenges

So you can focus on what matters, what works and what they need.

Divorce Tool Box uses a reality therapy approach to address the most relevant facets of divorce with or without children. With this knowledge clients can then decide what to incorporate into their customized divorce action plan using the template provided. They may also consider reconciliation.

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2. Want a GUIDED CURRICULUM that will...
expand your practice value, divorce expertise , AND billable sessions you offer?

DIVORCE TOOL BOX COUNSELING GUIDEBOOK & VIDEO for divorce counseling professionals does just that!

Created by a counselor for therapists, coaches and other helping professionals, the Divorce Tool Box Counseling Guidebook addresses the psychological and emotional perceptions clients have as they complete the online sessions.

Helpful for clients …

The Counseling Guidebook enhances your ability to provide:

  • Emotional and psychological support for clients
  • Content structure, overview, expectations, closure and more
  • Accountability for completion of online session tasks
  • On target questions for meaningful discussion

The Divorce Tool Box Counseling Guidebook addresses the psychological and emotional perceptions clients have as they complete the online sessions. With the Counseling Guidebook you can proactively navigate challenges to serve your clients in the most meaningful, knowledgeable and productive way.

Helpful for your practice …

Our Counselor Resources are specifically designed to help clinicians:

  • Grow your practice by reaching new clients thus increasing your income
  • Use our guided curriculum to increase your appointment sessions
  • Become an expert with more accessible resources

Each Counseling Guidebook segment provides specific material based on the online videos clients view on their own time. The Guidebook supports each 60-minute session following the Divorce Tool Box structure.

The Counseling Guidebook includes material for two additional sessions. So you can offer 10 sessions for those divorcing with children and 6 for those divorcing without children.

If you want to enhance the impact of your therapeutic skills then the Divorce Tool Box Counseling Guidebook is the resource you can depend on every step of the way!

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