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divorce tipsHaving divorce tips to assist as you learn to navigate through the murky waters of separation and divorce can be priceless. During this time, life can be uncertain, filled with many personal and family changes. Often times, people second guess what they should be doing to prepare for divorce as they watch their marriage further deteriorate, feel helpless after their spouse has filed for divorce or even feel guilty that they are filing for divorce. Having a few tips to reduce some confusion and help you move through the process while deciding if you need a divorce lawyer can reduce much stress.

As you enter the divorce process, many decisions must be made. The problem that many find is that life is in turmoil and getting through the day is stressful enough so the question becomes how do I make decisions for my present so the quality of my future is more than adequate. After the whirlwind of the divorce process is over, many report that they didn’t understand the process and relied too heavily on their divorce professionals. One way to reduce over reliance is to identify what you need from your divorce in advance so that you can clearly communicate this to your divorce lawyer and spouse in order to work effectively toward a satisfactory settlement.


Both men and women have needs that must be met. One spouse may have played a significant role during the marriage managing the household finances often leaving the other spouse feeling overwhelmed now that decisions must be made about the marital finances. These decisions for both divorcing men and women will affect the quality of their future. It is essential that both of you understand what you’ve acquired during your marriage known as your assets and what you owe known as your liabilities. When gathering the financial documentation, you may desire to create a pre and post-divorce budget. This will allow you to gain information about the marital money and what new expenses will be created as a result of separation and divorce.


Divorce with children often creates additional stress as it requires much from both parents. Creating a parenting plan or making custody decisions can be one of the most emotional challenges in the divorce process. Another divorce tip is to learn where decisions will need to be made for your children are concerned and then take the needed time to reflect how to make decisions that will benefit all family members. Plan for the present but also how the decisions made need to include flexibility as the children mature. Divorce Tool Box can help you consider present and future needs so you can plan effectively.


Emotions often escalate before, during and after divorce. Allowing emotions to run rampant can not only be unhealthy for you but is often cited as a reason that increases the legal expenses of divorce. When divorce is led by emotions, making informed decisions may be diminished so learning when emotions should be addressed and how to manage them throughout the process is imperative for a healthier you and possibly less legal expenses.

Children didn’t ask for their parents to stop loving one another but they want to have the ability to love both. In order for this to occur, parents must place aside the blame, hurt and anger when making decisions for them. Placing everything into perspective is necessary.

Spouses often experience grief whether they were the one who desired the divorce or is experiencing the consequences of their spouse’s decision. Learning about grief can help spouses understand the emotional challenges of divorce.

All family members need to have the ability to express their emotions as well as learn how to control them in a healthy manner. Divorce creates changes for all so there must be an acceptable way to communicate among family members as how the changes are affecting them and work toward finding workable solutions for creating stable home environments.

Educating yourself about what you need from your divorce in advance may greatly enhance a more successful divorce. Using these divorce tips and acquiring the knowledge to express the identified needs to your divorce lawyer and spouse is the key. Divorce Tool Box can help you as you navigate the divorce process of the emotional and financial challenges as well as how to plan now and what to consider as your kids mature.

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