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Streamline the divorce process with divorce tool boxWith the national divorce rate hovering around fifty percent, and because most divorces involve some sort of dispute, divorce has become a $28 billion dollar a year industry. The more time that must be spent between a divorcing couple’s legal representatives while aiming to resolve disputes in or outside of the courtroom, the more expensive a divorce becomes. And now, in some states including Alabama and California, with budget cutbacks forcing the reduction of clerks’ hours as well as layoffs of clerks and other courtroom personnel, the business of civil courts has slowed to a crawl. Fewer court sessions mean longer dockets, and more delays in resolving civil cases.

Katherine Feinstein, the presiding judge of San Francisco Superior Court, said the average time for a divorce would be at least 18 months.

Such delays will make the already painful, scary, and expensive process of divorce all the more taxing, according to Diane Wasznicky, the president of California’s Association of Certified Family Law Specialists.

This is where Divorce Tool Box, an online divorce program, for individuals or couples seeking to customize the details of their divorce before entering the legal arena can save them time and money.

Audrey Silcox, a Certified Divorce and Family Mediator, founded Divorce Tool Box, a division of Sildrey Corporation, because after 16 years of working with divorcing couples, including as a court-appointed mediator, she felt there was a better way. She decided to make her expertise available through online sessions to clients anytime, anywhere, before individuals or couples enter the legal arena.

During a series of eight sessions for those with children and four for those without, Silcox helps identify and resolve the complicated issues that a divorcing couple can face, such as divorce finances and child custody. “By being informed about these issues and the legal arena itself, as well as being compassionate and practical in working with those who seek a divorce, the online sessions can help more inexpensively and effectively streamline, customize, and amicably navigate the legally complex and intense emotional journey of divorce,” she said.

Silcox is a divorced mother of two, with degrees in psychology and counseling from Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama. She learned first-hand how important it is to make wise decisions at the outset of the divorce process, particularly those involving child custody, and also to anticipate other decisions, including financial, that will greatly affect children and their parents for years to come.

“Getting these decisions right the first time, not only saves money, but keeps couples from having to endure delays to finalizing their divorce, due to these longer lines and longer dockets in civil courts. Or worse, having to go back to court to resolve unanticipated disputes after a divorce.”

Divorce Tool Box is an online program for individuals or couples contemplating or currently undergoing divorce. Custody parenting plans, assets and liabilities, division of property and money matters, along with emotional support are some of the issues addressed in customized, confidential, and convenient online sessions to help people make wise decisions before entering the legal arena. This guidance can help ease a difficult process as well as save countless hours and costs in legal fees. Visit us today at www.DivorceToolBox.com .

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