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Process of divorce and life changesThere are many changes involved in the process of divorce, and with each change comes financial burdens. There are three areas in one’s life that will most likely be affected by divorce and with each change; one must find resources to effectively handle the changes.

1. Role Changes:

Listed below are roles which one mate or the other usually assumes:

  1. Family planner
  2. Responsible mate
  3. Home caretaker
  4. Lawn caretaker
  5. Breadwinner
  6. Children’s disciplinarian
  7. Decision maker
  8. Financially planner
  9. Meet children’s daily responsibilities
  10. Social mate
  11. Resourceful mate
  12. Dependable mate

And the list goes on and on…..

Divorce brings changes as mates no longer live under the same roof; therefore, the mate whom attended to the above needs within the marriage is no longer present to fulfill these needs. The mate, who depended on the other mate to meet these needs, often is required to take on these additional roles, thus changing their role to accommodate.

The additional roles usually take time to acquire but are necessary in order for life to continue as before.

Changing one’s life to acquire a new set of roles is an example of self growth during and after divorce.

2.  Social identity is another life change brought by divorce:

Finding one’s self in society as “divorced” rather than “married” will require a new identity. When a couple has been married for any length of time, they have a social identity of a “married couple”. The social identity is changed from a couple to an individual through the divorce process by society. This process is difficult as friends and family learn that divorce is imminent.

Social gathering places such as restaurants, favorite book clubs, community events, etc. shared as a couple, creates a different image by divorce. The familiarity of the “building or event” may be there but the difference is your identity. Learning to attend events, visiting these shared places, may make one apprehensive because the divorce journey now recognizes you as a “divorced” person.

3. Financial Changes:

Usually both mates work during marriage but in some households only one is the breadwinner. Income is sufficient to effectively meet the family needs. When divorce occurs, the income must be divided between two homes with additional expenses that divorce brings. If one mate was the only breadwinner, the mate that did not work, is now expected to begin a job along with a myriad of other changes. This mate may not have worked for years or may not have ever worked.

Divorce itself is a financial burden in many cases. The monthly bills must be paid and in addition, the fees that divorce has incurred must also be paid. The divorce process can be lengthy and with every event toward the divorce increases debt.

With additional finances through divorce increasing constantly, income for child custody in necessary. The children’s needs must be met and these needs are not always met by what is accounted for by child support guidelines. Making sure that future needs are accounted for is a must and setting a budget for current needs is necessary.

Divorce is often a lengthy process and one brings many changes for all involved. Divorce Tool Box online sessions assists individuals to think toward the future when making informed decisions. Become proactive with concerning your divorce changes by using our online sessions. Visit our website today at www.divorcetoolbox.com.

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