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Dealing with stress during divorceNo one knows the level of stress brought by divorce as well as those involved. Changes which accompany divorce create stress for the entire family and must be dealt with effectively. The following acronym identifies with the results of divorce.



R.........Reality of

E.........Everyday life


S.........Separating from spouse

When the actual separation moves form contemplating to actualization, stress often intensifies. When separation occurs, family members usually begin creating new schedules, lifestyle changes due to the financial reduction caused by dividing income between two homes, learning to live independently and learning to play dual roles that were divided when married.

Life changes and elevated stress levels are experienced even for the spouse filing for divorce. Separation from the other spouse and children (if any) adds more stress.

Researcher’s state divorce is in the top ten stressful events in life and separation from the spouse is the beginning of divorce process. Since separation is often the start of the divorce process, the stress that accompanies divorce is often felt for an extended time, due to the many changes.

Learning to take care of yourself and family members during stressful times will be necessary. Stress can make one sick if not given appropriate attention. Making sure that essentials such as eating balanced meals, exercise, and having a focus other than the divorce may help offset stress as it occurs. Make sure to include all family members when it comes to reducing stress techniques. Children may feel stressed due to the fact that they do not have a voice in the divorce decisions. Allowing them to voice their concerns and parents addressing their concerns may reduce stress.

Using the Divorce Tool Box online sessions can assist through stress before, during and planning for life after divorce. Visit our website today at www.divorcetoolbox.com.

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